Here is a list of the most common shortcut/function keys and their meanings.
  • Default Key



    Display the keys that functions have been mapped to. This screen can be exited by pressing the key mapped to the Back function
    F2 Menu Used to return to the last menu and cancel any transaction that has not yet been committed.
    F3 Back

    sed to navigate to previous page displayed within a transaction. This key will also exit out of the Help Menu or a list of values.
    ** The functionality of this key is mobile transaction form dependent.  Some forms may use the F3 key to go back.  However, this may not be available in all forms.

    F4 Forward Used to navigate to next page of display within a transaction. The same caveats pertain to Next Page as Previous Page as noted in F3.
    Control-K Clear Used to clear the field of any input.
    Control-L LOV Used to display the list of available values for a field.
    Control-N Main Menu Used to return to the main menu of a responsibility and cancel any transaction that has not yet been committed.
    Control-B Message Used to display the long description of a message that has appeared on the status bar.
    Control-Z Toggle

    Used to toggle between options in a list field.
    (Note that I have also seen Control-Z mapped to disconnect Telnet session. This immediately prompts the user to cancel the current connection.)

    Control-A Show Field Used to show the current field on the entire page in the case that the field runs off the screen.
    Esc Hot Key Used in conjunction with a button's accelerator key to press that button from anywhere on the page.
    Control-D Page Up Used to retrieve the previous page of information.
    Control-C Page Down Used to retrieve the next page of information.
    Control-G Generate Used on a particular field in Inventory and WMS (e.g., lot number, serial number, license plate number) to generate a new number.
    Control-S Skip Task Used on the task page to skip the current task.
    Control-X About Used to invoke an 'About' page that lists details of the current connection that could be useful in debugging problems.
    Control-F Flex Popup Used to bring up the segment-by-segment entry screen for a flexfield on the mobile user interface.

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