Section 508

是1973年發布的美国勞工康復法案(Rehabilitation Act)的修正條例,這是一個聯邦法令,所有聯邦政府開發、採購、維護的電子或資訊技術都要必須讓殘障人士(people with disabilities) 可以使用。如果殘障人士能像普通人一样有效地運用技術,那麼這些技術就會被認定為"accessible".

  To demonstrate that a product or Web service is in compliance with Section 508, the creator completes a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), an "informational tool" that describes exactly how the product or service does or does not meet Section 508 standards. 為了演是一項產品或網路服務是否遵從了Section 508,提案人建立了一套產品自願輔助性模板Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT),這個資訊產品能完整說明該產品或服務是否與Section508的條例標準相符。The completed VPAT gets posted on the creator's Web site to provide government officials and consumers with access to the information. 提案人將這個完整產品自願輔助性模板產品發布在自己的網站上,為提供給政府官員和消費者存取。


The scope of Section 508 is limited to the federal sector. 聯邦政府線訂了條例的範圍It includes binding, enforceable standards, as well as compliance reporting requirements and a complaint procedure. 這其中包括了有约束力的、强制性的標準、報告要求遵守和投訴流程。Section 508 doesn't apply to the private sector, nor does it impose requirements on the recipients of federal funding. 条例508不适用于私人企业,也不强加给联邦资助的接受者。Because the federal government has so much purchasing power, however, it is hoped that Section 508 will encourage the developement of products and Web-based services that meet accessibility standards.因为联邦政府有足够的购买力,它希望能通过条例508鼓励符合可用性标准的产品和网络服务发展。 To that end, the United Stated Department of Education now requires states funded by the Assistive Technology Act State Grant program (a grant program that supports consumer-driven state projects to improve access to assistive technology devices and services) to comply with Section 508.为此,美国教育部要求由辅助性科技法案资助计划(一项通过促进消费驱动国家计划来改善辅助科技器具和服务的资助计划)资助的各州遵循条例508。

  Accessibility policies like Section 508 vary from country to country, but most countries, including the European Union (EU), have adopted standards based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines(WCAG) of the World Wide Web Consortium. Section 508 is based on W3C Priority 1 checkpoints.各国类似條例508(Section 508)的可用性政策都有所不同,但是包括欧盟在内的大多数国家都采用基于世界万维网联盟的网页内容无障碍指南提出的标准。條例508基于万维网联盟的一级优先检查站点。

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