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Oracle Order Management - Version: 11.5.7 to 12.0.5 - Release: 11.5 to 12.0
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How does one close the order headers as soon as order lines are closed?
How does one modify the OEOH workflow by closing it immediately?




The Standard Functionality will close the order header by last day of the month when all the lines are closed. To Close the order header as soon as the line is closed or to close the lines as per business scenario the following steps will be help to achieve the functionality. This will affect only new orders that uses this newly modified Flow. For the existing orders, one needs to wait till the end of the month - the month in which the Sales Order was created. Please note that this happens only for the month the Sales order is created.

Please perform the following steps in test instance:

1. Connect to the database using the Work flow Builder.
2. Go to OM order header work flow.
3. In work flow builder , this needs to be done from to enable the customization,
        Help -- About Oracle Work flow Builder, Check to allow customization.
4. Open Work-flow Process - Order Flow - Generic, Close - Order
5. Copy 'Order Flow - Generic' and 'Close - Order' and rename them, for example, 'XX Order Flow - Generic' and 'XX Close - Order', respectively.
6. Right click activity 'Wait' (labeled WAIT-1) that is just before activity 'Close - Wait For Line' in process 'XX Close - Order'. In the Properties, choose Node Attributes tab and place cursor on the "Day of the month" and remove the Value that is currently set as "Last".
7. Change the following appropriate values as below
Changing the Relative Time parameter of activity WAIT-1 to calculated time as mentioned below
Wait Mode = "Relative Time"
Day of Month = none
Click apply button
Save the work flow activity
Relative time can be calculated by following method
To Close immediately - 0
After one hour- 1/24 - 0.0416
After two hour - 2/24 - 0.0833
One day - 1
Two day - 2

Please note that setting Relative Time to 0 will cause an order that is booked with no lines at the time of booking to close almost immediately. This is usually not desired.

8. Replace the process 'Close Order' in 'XX Order Flow - Generic' with 'XX Close - Order' .
9. Save the Workflow process
10. Navigate to Setup -> Transaction Type
Query the Order Type 'XX Standard'.
Attach the new process to the transaction type 'XX Standard'.
Order Workflow = 'XX Order Flow - Generic'

Retest the issue as below:

1. Create an order and one line for any item for transaction type XX Standard. Book the order.
2. Go to line information
3. Cancel the line
5. Re query the order
5. Check whether the line is canceled
6. Run the "Workflow Background Process" concurrent program with the following parameters. 
Parameters --> Item type -- OM Order Line,
                         Process deferred - Yes
                         Time out - No
7. Check whether the request ends successfully.
8. Run the "Workflow Background Process" concurrent program with the following parameters.
Parameters --> Item type -- OM Order Header
                        Process deferred - Yes
                        Process Time out - No
9. Check whether the request ends successfully.
10. Query the order.
Now the line will be closed as per the calculated time set at relative time values.

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  • 請問一下,有沒有試過把order header 的book button disable的狀況??讓它只能在order line work??要如何做?發現oracle orader 可以在只打header沒有line就可以book~~~