Window Style

Most application windows appear inside the MDI window ("Document" style) except dialogs and the Folder tool palette ("Dialog" style).


Guidelines and limits for window size are as follows:

  • The maximum window size is 10.3"" (width) x 6.25" (height), to support an 1024x768 screen resolution.

  • The minimum size of a window is 2" x 2." (OMS-73016)

  • A window may be drawn any size between the maximum and minimum, with the following recommendations (OMS-73017):

    • Make windows only as large as is necessary.

    • Make non-modal windows within a form approximately the same size.

    • Make modal windows smaller than the non-modal windows that invoke them.


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Issue : 如圖


Root cause

我設了一個Query_find block.該block的query allowed attribute is No,造成的。

當cursor 走到QUERY_FIND block , 手電筒就會被關掉了…


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<Issue Description>

設定Record group 並指定LOV,都正常,Compile 也ok

但Open form 並下拉選單選值會發生下列錯誤

ORA-00904: "DOCUMENT_NO": invalid identifier

FRM-40502: ORACLE error: unable to read list of values.


Record group sql 如下

SELECT distinct as document_no,

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FND_MESSAGE.SET_STRING ('You have no freight data access authority .You need to get it first.Please contact local IT');


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Using Message Dictionary in PL/SQL

Document reference ..


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